The Feast of Saints Philip and James – May 1st

Here is what we know of Saints Philip and James – not much.

James is James the “Lesser” (not the Brother of Jesus) – we know he was an Apostle, but nothing else.

Philip we have a little more info…it seems he’s often the fall guy.  “You think I can feed all these people?” Jesus says.  “No way, Jesus,” says Philip.  Jesus says, “give me those loaves and fishes” (Paraphrased from John 6).

“So, I am the Father, and also with you.  If you know me, you know God,” says Jesus.  “You can show us God the Father?” says Philip.  “Let’s try this again,” Jesus sighs. (Paraphrased from John 14).

Here’s what I do with this Feast Day: no prep. I don’t plan a special meal, or buy ingredients for a special dessert. I see what’s in my kitchen, and I make something delicious.  I make a Feast from the Loaves and Fishes in my pantry, my fridge.

I acknowledge that this is all too big for me.  I don’t really understand how God created me, how Jesus saved me, how the Holy Spirit is me…”No way, I don’t get it.” is pretty much my truth.  Me and Philip.  Who am I?  Nobody really, to most of the world.  Me and James.

Then I eat the deliciousness I made with no foreknowledge, and I also acknowledge that I can love God, be of God, spread the Good News of God, be moved by the Holy Spirit in God’s great plan…without foreknowledge.

For a Feast honoring Saints I don’t know much about, it becomes a pretty interesting day.

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