Erika’s Sermon: May 13, 2018

Me (on the right), and the Rev. Whitney Altopp, holding our Mother’s Day flowers, on Sun, May 13th.

I had an extraordinary experience last Sunday.

I was very called by the Thy Kingdom Come Global Wave of Prayer, initiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, to run between Ascension and Pentacost.  I kept poking at the rector at my church – we should do this! we should do this!

She suggested I preach to explain why.

If you’d care to check it out, you can listen here.

Ordinarily I’d post the text of something like this – but in this case, I can’t, because there isn’t one.  For the weeks leading up to it, I talked to myself – let the words come.  I spoke the stories over and over.  The night before, I made a sort of bulleted outline of where I wanted to meander.

And then I just…did.  It was a very strange feeling.  Before I began (and I wish they’d started the recording here), I prayed, “Heavenly Mother – please help the words you put in my heart come out of my mouth.”  And they DID.  Wow.

I encourage you to sign up for Thy Kingdom Come.  It’s not too late.

If you’re local, I encourage you to come to St. Stephens Episcopal church on Saturday, May 19 – come and go prayer time from 9-11.

And I REALLY REALLY want you to wear RED this Sunday, May 20, for Pentecost!

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