When food rituals collide – a fasting happy hour date

Today is Friday in Lent.

For me Friday is always a Fasting day – I eat vegan up to my Happy Hour Date with my husband. (See: Relationship Rituals Using the Calendar).

But in Lent, I’m fasting for a season, not a day, and thus I feel like I need to hold to my fast, my vegan diet, for the whole day, especially on a Friday which is, again, always a Fast Day. In fact, I’m not eating until 4pm today, on this all and all Lenten Fridays, to make this day special.

So, I find myself, tummy grumbling, looking up “vegan happy hour food” and “vegan bar food”.  As I’m mindfully planning, I realize…I like this. I like that I am intentionally prioritizing these important things; this Lenten season, this Friday day of reflection, this Sabbath re-connection ritual.  Rather than detracting from the other, I find they are enhancing this day.

We Fast, not for the act of fasting, but for the space it creates. The emptiness within reminds us of what day/season it is and what we are remembering. The hunger grumbles reorient us towards this mindfulness, like a bell calling us to prayer. And, as I figure out how to fast and to have my Happy Hour date, I’m aware of how important my husband, our relationship, is to me. That awareness can, alas, be clouded with all the hustle and chaos of the day to day.

But today? Today I’m hungry. And anticipatory. And aware.

And grateful.

Lastly, since I know you’re now curious, here’s what I’ve found so far for vegan Happy Hour options:

Super Easy Vegan Tacos

Creamy Artichoke Spinach Dip (yup, vegan!)

Stuffed Mushrooms

Baked Jalepeno Poppers (yup, still vegan)

Amazing Black Bean Dip


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