Bunny Cake!

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Bunny Cake!

Appropriate for Easter, Eastertide, Spring

My mom (the beautiful woman in the photo above) has been making this cake on that silver tray for every Easter I can ever remember. For me, Easter = Bunny Cake. (I’m thrilled the tradition continues with my nephew, Charlie, to her left.)

This is less a *recipe* and more an Easter craft *made with cake and sweet things* – but you present it as a cake with a flourish and a ta-da, so I say it counts for our inaugural “All About The Cake” post.


  • “Cake”
  • “White Icing”
  • “Easter Candy” (jellybeans and twizzlers are key).


  1. Bake some cake in 2 round cake pans. I usually use boxed because the lead-in to Easter is crazy busy when you work in churches. Favorites: carrot cake, white angel cake, or red velvet (if you kind of like a wink of gore).
  2. Let the cake cool. Don’t frost when it’s warm. Trust.
  3. Find a tray, a rimmed baking sheet, or a cutting board you can use to assemble your bunny. Think long rectangle.
  4. One circle is the head. Cut the two ear shapes out of the other cake, creating a bow time from the remaining cake.
  5. Assemble your bunny on your tray – head, two ears, one bow-tie below.
  6. Ice your bunny with white icing. (6a. If you want to be fancy, you can dye some of the white icing pink with a few drops of red food coloring, and fill in the ears, like my Mama does. Bonus points if you also create a new color for the bow tie
  7. Use jelly beans to make eyes and a nose, and twizzlers to make the whiskers.
  8. Display so everyone can be impressed…and then eat that bunny’s face for Easter!

Helpful photo of cutting the second circle to make the ears and the bow-tie, from https://homanathome.com/2016/03/bunny-cut-up-cake/

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