It’s still Easter!

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I am that person.

That person who has the decorations for the last holiday up until just before you have to start setting up for the next holiday.  One year, I had a Happy Birthday banner up for my birthday, in November.  I neglected to put it down, and so for Christmas, just added a “Baby Jesus” underneath it.  Fast forward, and I simply swapped out a photo of Martin Luther King, Jr. for the babe in the cradle.  I think I finally got the banner down before Valentine’s Day.

I am that person.

That person who doesn’t like to anticipate holidays too early.  Who cringes in the grocery store when Easter stuff is out for display in January, and Christmas items in October.  Who waits to set up her Christmas decorations until Gaudate Sunday, and even then feels like she’s shafted Advent a bit.  Who thinks the waiting for the holiday is often as important as the holiday itself.

I am that person.

That person who over the major Christian holidays puts in a lot of work hours making the Christian rituals happen.  Plans the meals, polishes the church silver, irons the altar cloth, rehearses the songs, leads the Worship, makes the Santa magic, cooks the Easter Dinner.  Who is often so busy working she doesn’t get to try cute things like marshmallow snowmen or Resurrection Rolls, despite printing out the fun recipes year after year after year.

And so, I, that person, am so thrilled to really, truly, celebrate all the days of Eastertide. After the long Fast of Lent, the hard work of prepping, the intense focus of Holy Week, it feels SO GOOD to wake up and smile at my Easter Banner in my window, to add new cut flowers to my vase surrounded by plastic Easter Eggs, to try the fun cute recipes at a leisurely pace over the weekends to come rather than trying to shove it in to a very busy Easter Sunday day.  I have rarely had the chance to actually enjoy the Easter part of Easter, feeling I had to get it all cleaned up and put away soon after the Sunday.  If I did leave it up “too long”, I beat myself up over it.

Christ is Risen!  Still!  I am Feasting!  Still!  I am enjoying watching the rebirth of the grass and flowers and trees outside my house while I celebrate the rebirth of Christ inside my home.  For the first time!  I feel reborn too.

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