What are Feast/Fierce/Fast/Fragile Days?

Hi! It hit me today that I’ve been actually eating liturgically for 5 years now, and have been doing the social media Eating Liturgically for years this Advent. Wow! One of my assignments for formation to the priesthood is to write about a personal Rule of Life, and I’m like, “I eat mindfully and prayerfully around the liturgical calendar – check me out at @eatingliturgically!” and the COM kind of takes a step back.

I have a lot of content to work with, is what I’m saying.

But it occurred to me that I write and reflect on this stuff like I’ve been in conversation with whosever’s reading for 4+ years, and really, some people may be just dropping in and need a bit of an introduction.

So, here’s the basics.

The Liturgical Calendar has Feast and Fast days. You can find them in the Book of Common Prayer starting on page 15.

On Feast Days I feast. On Fast Days I fast.

I realized for myself, I needed something for those other days, those non-Feast, non-Fast days, in order to keep those days unique and special. I call those days Fierce Days – they are NOT church/liturgical designations – they are just…days. On Fierce Days I don’t eat food I’d eat on a Feast Day, and I don’t restrict like I would on a Fast Day.

Usually, the calendar is Mon-Thurs (Fierce), Fri (Fast), Sat (Fierce), Sun (Feast).

There are major Feasts which fall on Mon-Thurs or Sat sometimes – then I Feast.

There are Fasts which fall on Mon-Sat – then I Fast.

Some days I am sick or weary or overwhelmed. My go-to on those days is to eat unhealthily or gluttonously. To avoid using Feast things for these days, I created a Fragile Day category with healthy, comforting, non-junk foods. Fragile Days happen when they need to happen.

Since I need to check against the calendar each day to see which kind of day it is, it gives me the opportunity to turn towards God. I orient my meals around something other than the secular world. A good example is Advent season. The secular world is already feasting on holiday goodies. I wait until Christmas, the first Feast day of the Christmas season.

I post This Week’s Days each week to make life easy to plan – check it out!

Would you like This Week’s Days on your own calendar as daily events? Click HERE for the Google Calendar link. (iCal format HERE).

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