Halloween is on a Sunday? Spooktacular!

So much of what Eating Liturgically brings to my attention is the tension between the secualar and sacred calendar, or how we humans choose to use food and drink to numb (I had a bad day, so…) vs. how God calls us to taste and see what is good.

Halloween is often a prime time for me to explain this sensation to those who are not eating based on the liturgical calendar. “Halloween,” I say primly, “isn’t a feast day. For me, the feast is All Saints, the next day. If I save my candy till Nov 1, I taste it differently. I orient myself to something other than the tug of the world.”

“Oh?,” most people say politely as they shove candy corn into their mouths.

“Well, maybe just a little…” I smile as I have one piece myself.

But this year. This year of our Lord 2021, Halloween is on a SUNDAY.

And, sing it with me, Every Sunday Is A Feast Day.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for breakfast, baby!

What will I notice, I wonder, when the world and I are feasting on the same candy on the same day for different reasons? Or are they so different after all?

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