Fierce Days

Fierce Days

Erika’s Fierce Day Guidelines*: Eat healthfully and intentionally.  Do not consume food and drink one would consume to celebrate on a Feast Day.  Fuel yourself for the work God has given you to do.

*I made this up.  You can make your own up.  This is not codified.

So we have Feast Days and Fast Days laid out in the church calendar.  And then there are “other” days – neither feast nor fast.

Here is how I work: my default is not healthy.  If I am not intentionally making healthy choices, I am instead eating an entire cake.  Or helping myself to a second (cough, third) cocktail.  Or working so hard and cramming my day so full that I don’t have time to eat.

I realized in order to keep Feast and Fast days special, I needed to create a category for those “other” days.  I came up with Fierce days because those Mondays-Thursday and Saturdays are days I go out into the world and work.  I am God’s hands and feet, and my body houses the Holy Spirit – I need to take care of this flesh in order to do the work God has given me to do.

So, to be VERY clear – this is not an Episcopal Church thing.  This in an Erika-created thing to help with her observations of Feast and Fast Days, which are Episcopal Church Things.

When are we Fierce?

  • Any day that is not a Feast or a Fast Day

Basically:  Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (unless a Feast falls on those days).

  • There are times when you cannot be Fierce – you are sick, or weary, or overwhelmed.  Then it is a Fragile Day – read more HERE.